Songs For Aidan (Volume 1)

by Various Artists

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On September 21, 2012 our son, Aidan was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma bone cancer. It is a rare and aggressive cancer that requires aggressive treatment and many hospitalizations. Aidan is undergoing 9 months of treatment that includes chemotherapy and radiation at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The Songs For Aidan project was born as a way to lift his spirits when he was feeling sad and homesick in the hospital. It has done that and so much more. The songs Aidan has received have made us smile, laugh and cry, but more that that, they have given us hope and strength to continue to fight this terrible disease. As an attempt to give back, we are offering two of these very special songs with all proceeds going to the child life department on Aidan's oncology floor. We hope that we can help lift the spirits of Aidan's fellow patients the way this project has lifted Aidan's.


released February 26, 2013

Original Artwork: Louie Earle
Mastering: Adam Straney (Breakpoint mastering)
Layout and Design: Lance Knox



all rights reserved
Track Name: Jim Boggia - Live The Proof
Let's begin with a fact
Science tells us there's a pact
made between each action
and something that reacts

Things that seem out of range
all obey a law of change
Put thoughts into motion
Watch things rearrange

Live the proof
We can create our circumstance
Live the proof
Nothing is ever left to chance
It's no dream
We can begin the world anew
Here and now
Live the proof

Every thought left unsaid
Every dream kept in your head
Every other action you'd rather take instead
Lift them up set them free
Go into the world you see
like it's already the way that it should be

You view the problem like you're stuck inside it
What if you had power to rectify it?
Would you make the choices to apply it?
Would you try it?
Track Name: Brandon Schott - Turning Toward The Sun
there I was caught in an eclipse again
you called my name as the daylight slipped again
and pointed out the stars to me
one of them was mercury
I wish that I had wings on my feet baby

I know you will pull me out
I know you will pull me out

turning toward the sun
when it seemed my darkest hour had come
every day’s a chance to change the road we’re on
so keep your light in tune
cuz in this journey that we travel through
you will find the warmth you send returned to you

funny how the shadows play their tricks on you
you thought the world was throwing all its bricks at you
darling, I will take them all
keep you safe and build a wall
so find those demons baby I will slay them

you know I will pull you out
all our love will pull you out

so, turn toward the sun
when it seems your darkest hour has come
every day’s a chance to change the road we’re on
so keep your light in tune
cuz in this journey love is never done
we will pull through
turn toward the sun

the sun…